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next-discord-oauth. A simple guide & easy-to-use template to deploy Next.js with Discord OAuth to Vercel Setting up. Ensure you have git, yarn, npm & node installed; If you do not already have Vercel CLI, run yarn global add vercel (or, if using npm, you can run npm i -g vercel). If you are not already logged in, run vercel login and finish ....

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Jul 15, 2018 · alistair created a post, 2 years ago Bring back airhorn! Feedback API For those who don't remember it, as it was about four years ago, Discord had a bot called Airhorn! Whilst minor, it was demonstrating the power of the Discord API when it was released. At the time ... alistair 2 years ago 1 follower 0 comments 5 votes.

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⚠️ looking for the old blog? alistair.blog – github. Open Source; The 0kb Next.js blog; Serverless Discord OAuth with Next.js.

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Detective Grace Garden is the third Awakened player of Discord Murder Party. She previously held the title of "The Detective" - however, her other half refused to associate herself with that title, self-proclaiming herself as "The Host". Since her experience in the Lotus Eater trap, she abandoned both titles, and named herself as "The Sleuth". Grace stands at 5'11". Whilst her body appears ....

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